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At Hometown Lenders, we understand that without YOU there is no US! 
This is why we created a turn–key system that provides you with an industry-leading marketing system, a powerful support team and the effective personal coaching you need to be successful in today’s changing environment.

It’s just one more reason why our branch opportunity is the industry’s best loan origination platform.

See what Mason Bradley has to say about Hometown Lenders and how we’ve helped him double his closings EVERY month:

“Hometown Lenders provided me with a true blueprint to success. I run a purchase shop and I needed more than rate sheets and doughnuts to help attract new Realtor relationships. My team at Hometown Lenders sat down with me and drew up a clear plan that was built around what I wanted to do.  Helping me escape the closing ‘roller-coaster’ was the first thing we focused on.  Before I came to Hometown, I would have a great month one month then follow that up with a not so great month. I was so busy closing out my big pipeline, that I wasn’t doing the things I needed to do to keep the loans coming in. I’m sort of a control freak by nature and I just needed someone to show me a different & more productive way. That was huge and something I should have fixed years ago. Marketing is really what separates Hometown Lenders from all the other companies I’ve worked for. Shawn took the time to really get to know me and my LOs and they put a plan in place for every member of my team. This wasn’t just a few tips here and there – they gave me a complete blueprint for me to be successful in my local market. They got the phone ringing and in less than two weeks by working their system, we were busier than ever before. We are building something big here and it is built around consistent recurring business.”

“They delivered on their promise to help me double my business. I made a great decision to join Hometown Lenders!”
– Mason Bradley
Hometown Lenders Branch Manager

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